Facial hair is a menace.

  • Me: *calls u a nerd*
  • Me: *is actually very deeply in love with u*
  • Sam Pepper: It was a social experiment guys
  • Every psychology student: Where was the control over extraneous and participant variables? What were you even experimenting? Social experiments are supposed to be ethical, yet as far as I'm concerned there was no consent from the participants, you didn't brief them, you caused discomfort. In conclusion, this was unethical as fuck, don't tell us we don't have a reason to be mad, fuck you, goodbye.


Finally decided to break out dat wacom tablet and work on dem digital art skillz. This is an illustration of me in one of my favorite outfits + this new pair of glasses I bought C: Done in Photoshop CC




[sighs deeply]

[pulls up a chair]

how long do you have.

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A lot of stupid things boys do are out of fear of being read as effeminate, as being gay, or ‘womanish’.

I used to be a boy and then I held a friend’s purse for a second and now I’m a gay lady.

Your fears are founded.

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Anonymous asked:

So a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, a pedophile, and a priest walk into a bar. And that's just the first guy...



Goodness me.


perpetually disinterested in white cis opinions on the femme identity 

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also disinterested in kitsch queer, denim patch feminism, ‘fat babe’ positive, portland oregon mason jar anarcho-bros beard culture check-out-my-90’s-celebrities-ufo-pizza-etsy community spaces

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So last night cops arrested 7 protesters, then turned to the rest of the protesters and told them “we’ll release them without bond if you leave (stop protesting)”

They literally turned their own dubiously legal arrests into a hostage situation. They took hostages. Ferguson PD is a terrorist organization and they aren’t even trying to hide that fact any more.

Look at this









You can donate to protesters’ legal defense and bail here

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your loud, vocal annoyance and disgust towards children is not neutral just because you don’t have/plan on having children. you are still adding to and upholding a culture that allows child abuse to happen. it doesn’t matter if this is your intent or not.

children cannot communicate very well, they don’t know that adults can be wrong, and they don’t understand concepts like abuse. all they know is that they’re hurt and upset, and when this happens their behavior changes. their cries for help are written off, they’re just “crybabies” or “acting out.”  abusers know this and use it to their advantage. 

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